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Potentiometer types and prices are important to meet the needs for variety and flexibility in electronic circuits. Potentiometers are used in a wide range of applications thanks to the ability to control the voltage by adjusting the resistance value. Because there are various types of potentiometers designed in accordance with different needs. In this article, we will examine the most common types of potentiometers and their price December.

Types of Potentiometers and Their Prices
Types of Potentiometers and Their Prices

Linear Potentiometers

Linear potentiometers are a type of potentiometer in which the resistance value changes linearly with rotational or sliding motion. Because these potentiometers are widely used in applications such as volume control and offer the user a smooth adjustment experience. Prices vary depending on specifications such as material and size, but they are usually affordable.

Rotary Potentiometers

Rotary potentiometers allow you to set the resistance value with a rotary knob. Such potentiometers are preferred in areas such as audio equipment and lighting systems and offer users the possibility of precise control. Prices may vary depending on the quality of production and the materials used.

Sliding Potentiometers

Sliding potentiometers adjust the resistance value using a slider. These potentiometers are usually used in mixers and sound control panels and offer users a linear adjustment experience. Their prices differ according to the size and material quality.

Digital Potentiometers

Digital potentiometers have programmable resistance values through microcontrollers. Such potentiometers used in applications requiring precise adjustment may be priced higher depending on features such as high resolution and communication interface.

Multi-Rotation Potentiometers

Multi-rotation potentiometers offer high resolution by providing multiple rotations for precise settings. These potentiometers are used in laboratory equipment and industrial control systems and offer users the possibility of extremely precise adjustment. Their prices vary according to the number of turns and the quality of production.

Trimpot Potentiometers

Trimpot potentiometers are designed for small adjustments and are usually soldered to circuit boards. These potentiometers are ideal for calibration and adjustment operations and offer users an easy and quick adjustment. Their prices are usually lower than other types of potentiometers.

Logarithmic Potentiometers

Logarithmic potentiometers are a type of potentiometer in which the resistance value changes logarithmically with the rotation angle. These potentiometers are used in applications such as voice control and they provide a setting that is more appropriate to the detection curve of the human ear. Their prices are similar to linear potentiometers.

Standing Potentiometers

Standing potentiometers are potentiometers that provide ease of installation and are usually installed on a PCB. These potentiometers are preferred in applications that require small adjustments and precise control. Prices may vary depending on size and specifications.

Special Potentiometers

Special potentiometers are potentiometers specially designed for specific applications. These potentiometers may have special properties such as high temperature resistance, high humidity resistance or special geometric shapes. Their prices vary depending on specific requirements and production costs.


Potentiometer types and prices offer solutions suitable for the needs of electronic circuits. Choosing a suitable potentiometer can improve the performance and reliability of your circuit. It is important to choose reliable manufacturers and suppliers for high-quality and affordable potentiometers. You can visit our potentiometer page for more information.

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