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What is Resistance?

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Resistance? Resistors are frequently used parts in industries. A resistor converts electrical energy into thermal energy and is a resistance wire that has a constant resistance to extremely high temperatures. This part makes our daily life easier and is available in many different household appliances. It is used in the internal components of various machines, household items and different devices. The types of resistors vary according to their areas of use.

Resistors are among the durable parts of machines, because the use of a resistor affects the performance of the product in which it is used.

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Resistance?
What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Resistance?

Areas of Use of the Resistor

There are types of resistors in materials such as oven, washing machine, iron, tea maker, kettle. In kettle and tea machines, this apparatus is called a water heater resistor, and there is also this apparatus in the dishwasher. In the new generation washing machines, there are dynamic resistors that offer different technologies. Thanks to the resistance, it is possible to wash clothes and dishes with water with a higher temperature.

The resistance is used not only in household goods, but also in many machines in industrial production. There are also many devices in private production facilities, factories and enterprises.

How Does the Resistance Work?

There are usually two plug inputs at the end of the resistors. Electricity is supplied by applying voltage to both ends using neutral phases because the resistors can resist heat because they are made of very heat-resistant materials such as aluminum, iron and chromium. Therefore, the electrical energy passing through it is converted into heat.

The operation of the resistors is similar to a light bulb, but since materials and substances that are as durable as the resistance are not used in the production of light bulbs, situations such as explosion and cracking occur in light bulbs.

Technical Specifications


These measurements should be taken into account in the selection and design of the resistance elements because the resistance

Factors to Be Considered

What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Resistance? The answer to the question given above is that you should make a good choice according to yourself and your usage area. When choosing a resistance, it should be selected according to these factors, because if these situations are not taken into account when choosing a resistance, many problems may occur in the resistance. Especially non-aluminum products should be avoided. Aluminum prevents rust in the resistance. You can check out our other blog post for cleaning the resistance by clicking here.

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