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Our journey, which started with a foundation laid in 1986 in the industrial heart of Istanbul, Turkey, continues with a deep-rooted history, experience and knowledge. As ERK REZISTANS, we have determined our position in the sector not only as a manufacturer but also as a reliable business partner.

The values that guide us on this path have always been quality, reliability and professionalism. Offering a wide range of products from electrical panel heaters to circuit regulating watt resistors, our company closely follows technological innovations, adopts the latest trends in the sector and always meets customer expectations one step ahead.

In addition, we adopt quality not only in our products but also in our service understanding. The close relationships we have established with our customers enable us to understand their needs correctly and to offer the most appropriate solutions to these needs.

By always keeping our corporate values at the forefront, we have managed to become a reliable and respected name in the sector. For us, the meticulousness we show while doing our job is reflected not only in our products but also in all our business processes.


“As ERK REZISTANS, to provide our customers with products of the highest quality and reliability, to produce innovative and sustainable solutions by following the constantly developing technological trends and to act with the responsibility of being one step ahead in the industry. With our professional team, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level, to identify the needs of the sector quickly and accurately, to provide value-adding, economical and timely solutions to our customers.”

What We Do?

As ERK REZISTANS, we have been manufacturing electrical panel heaters and circuit regulating watt resistors/resistances for more than 35+ years in the industrial sector. With our innovative and sustainable production approach, we offer a wide range of products by quickly adapting to the changing needs of the industry.

By keeping up with technological developments, we produce high quality and durable products. Each of our products is designed to withstand even the toughest conditions of the industry.

We can develop special solutions for the specific needs of our customers and offer them to the market with mass production. We add value to the sector with economical and efficient solutions without compromising on quality.

Why Should You Choose Us?

  1. Experience and Expertise: With our 35 years of experience since 1986, we stand out with the knowledge and expertise we have gained in the sector.
  2. Quality Orientation: We keep the quality at the highest level at every stage, from the materials we use to our production processes.
  3. Innovative Approach: We quickly adapt to technological developments and integrate these innovations into our products.
  4. Customer Orientated Solutions: We accurately identify customer needs and develop special solutions to meet these needs.
  5. Reliability: We prove our reliability not only with our product quality but also with our business ethics, professionalism and timely deliveries.
  6. Economic and Effective Solutions: By offering high quality products with affordable price options, we provide solutions that are friendly to our customers’ budgets.

As ERK REZISTANS family, we continue to work to further consolidate our place in the industry and to reinforce our relations with our valued customers. Thank you for the trust you have shown us.

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