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Who is ERK Rezistans?

Erk Rezistans is a Resistance and Resistance Manufacturer company in Turkey. The journey that started with a foundation laid in 1986 in the industrial heart of Istanbul continues with a deep-rooted history, experience and knowledge. We have determined our position in the sector not only as a manufacturer, but also as a reliable business partner. The values that guide us on this path have always been quality, reliability and professionalism. Our company closely follows technological innovations, adopts the latest trends in the sector and always meets customer expectations one step ahead. In addition, we adopt quality not only with our products, but also with our service understanding.

Resistance and Resistor Manufacturer in Turkey
Resistance and Resistor Manufacturer in Turkey

What Are We Doing?

As ERK Rezistans, we have been manufacturing electrical panel heaters and circuit regulating wattage/resistors in the industrial sector for more than 35 years. Our sustainable and innovative production approach allows us to adapt quickly to the changing needs of the industry and offer a wide range of products. Keeping up with technological developments, we design each of our products in such a way that they can withstand the most demanding conditions of the industry.

By keeping up with technological developments, we produce durable and high-quality products.

The Resistors We Manufacture

we stand out with our 35 years of experience since 1986, the expertise and knowledge we have gained in the sector. From the materials we use to the production process, we keep the quality at the highest level at every stage. We adapt to technological developments quickly and integrate these innovations into our products.

We identify the needs of customers correctly and develop special solutions according to these needs. We prove our reliability not only in the quality of our products, but also with our work ethic, professionalism and timely deliveries. We provide budget-friendly solutions by offering high-quality products to our customers with affordable price options.

What are Wire Wound Watt Resistors?

Power resistors are used in various fields and applications in the industrial sector. Its function is to regulate the current passing through the system.

The resistance wires are wound on a porcelain or ceramic carcass, which is tubular. The top of the resistance wires is coated with a special paint with a high heat conduction coefficient in order to be resistant to high temperatures.

The purpose of this coating is to prevent the short circuit of the heated wires while the resistance is under load.

What are Grooved Winding Resistors?

Resistance means the difficulty shown to something. The resistance, which is a circuit element, shows a difficulty against the current in the circuit, so it makes a current limitation.

Electrical energy is converted into heat on the resistance.

Resistors in circuits:

Wire Wound (Stone) Resistors:

They are the resistors produced by wrapping heat-resistant substances on them. Stone resistors are strong, so they are also used in circuits with high current.

Since the heat emitted by stone resistors is also high, elements that are quickly affected by heat should not be installed near such resistors on the circuit.

What are Refrigerated Resistors?

When regulating the current, a heating condition occurs due to the fact that the resistors are loaded. If high heat is not prevented, a short circuit may occur. For this reason, resistors should be manufactured in accordance with the cooling principle.

In addition, the resistance wires are coated with a special paint that can withstand high temperatures. Oct. The purpose of the special mixed paint is to prevent the heating wires from short-circuiting while the resistor is under load and the resistance wire from reddening too much.

What are Sheet Metal Resistors?

It is a type of resistor used in heavy automation applications. This type of resistance is a mainly preferred type of resistance with the ability to distribute electric current properly and cool down quickly.

Technical Specifications

What are Sliding Rheostats?

Rheosta is a type of resistance that serves to change the current intensity passing through the circuit by connecting in series to the circuit. It is usually made of a high-resistance wire and consists of a sliding structure that can be moved in contact with this winding.

What is Aluminum Resistance (Braking Resistance)?

Resistors can often be used to limit the currents generated in the circuit. Thanks to the structure of aluminum resistors, it can show durability even at high watt values. As the intensity of the current generated in the circuit increases, resistors with a high capacity may be needed. For this reason, it can cause many problems on the circuit.

Aluminum resistors have a durable and flexible structure, so they are preferred in many areas where there is a high current.

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